Michelle H. Long

Brodi came to me as a God thing – there is no question. I had tried, tried, tried to get organized. I bought many shelves and a lot of Container Store stuff, and more and more organizing things, and it became more and more clutter. As a mother of adult children, I have lots of memorabilia and pictures. Also, things that I have saved from family members because I thought I had to or it would be in bad taste, or a curse. Through a lot of hand holding, because it was so overwhelming, I started to organize and let go in a healthy way. She helped me do it. She gave me homework to do between our meetings. Sometimes I would call her in tears, and she would calm me down. And so it went, for over a year. During this time we decided to sell our home, and having done so much work already it made packing and staging our home so much easier. My husband who is a tightwad when it comes to my ideas, actually said it was the best well spent money (meaning Brodi). We all must do a thinning of the crop at some point, or sad to say, we will leave the ones we love with a big burden.

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