Assessments are critical to discovering the scope and goals for your organizing project.  This meeting is in person and lasts approximately 60-90 minutes.  We use this time to discuss as much as we can related to the project, to see how we can best move forward, and custom create solutions based on your individual needs.  The fee for the assessment is $70.00.  Payment is due at time of assessment.

Working sessions are when we work together in person on the project.  There is a 3 hour minimum for working sessions.  Longer sessions do increase productivity and are encouraged for larger projects.  Payment is required at the end of each session.

We may offer a discount when multiple sessions are booked.
There may be an additional fee for travel over 30 miles.

We also offer Coaching by phone.  Coaching calls are available at 30 minute, 45 minute and 1 hour time blocks.  Coaching calls are a great way to begin a new project, or to keep on track when working sessions are no longer needed. Coaching can guide you through overwhelm, working with new systems, and can motivate you to keep your organizing goals.  Coaching call fees are collected based on an individual agreement with Clear Surroundings.

Clear Surroundings accepts cash, checks, Visa and Master Card.