Let’s Get Clear…

Life can get a little crazy, but being organized can help!  Balancing work, family, finances, and fun time can sometimes get overwhelming.  When systems are in place to help manage it all there is less stress and more freedom.

Clear Surroundings believes that getting organized is key to creating the life we want for ourselves and our families.  This is sometimes no easy task, but gaining and using organizing skills in our daily lives can be so important and rewarding.  Clear Surroundings would love to help you create the possibility of a more organized you and help you develop your organizing potential!

Clear Surroundings Organizing is a Professional Organizing company based in Fort Collins, Colorado that serves Denver, Northern Colorado, and Southern Wyoming. We offer hands-on organizing and Organizing Coaching by phone. If it is time to de-clutter, move, rearrange, schedule, or file, we can help.

As a member of NAPO and the ICD we strive to stay on top of all the new organizing finds, trends and research.  We can help you to redefine and refine your living and work space creating a more balanced and productive space to thrive.  Everyone relates to their “stuff” differently, and we strive to create organizing solutions that are as unique as you, and that work for you.

When you have had enough of feeling overwhelmed it is time to call Clear Surroundings to lend a hand. We can help you organize your home and small office spaces, including closets, paper, kids spaces, craft areas, your “command central,” and more!  Clear Surroundings can offer a new perspective on your clutter, ways of being, and lifestyle.  We love to recycle, repurpose, and find great places to donate discarded items.  Getting organized can create possibilities for the life you deserve! Clear your Surroundings and get a fresh look on time, space and life!  Let us help you clear the clutter and find a path to a more Organized you. Call 970.420.4965!