Michelle R. Long

I would highly recommend Brodi for any project- big or small. She is professional, hard-working, very knowledgeable, understanding, compassionate and excellent at what she does- bringing amazing order from chaos in a positive way! My project was a huge 25 year mess and Brodi came alongside me without judging or demeaning me and helped me begin the difficult, emotional process of going through, getting rid of and organizing years of papers and stuff with great compassion, understanding and encouragement. She knew when to give me the push I needed and when to back off- just the right balance. She also helped me begin to rethink how I thought about my stuff, why I saved it all and how it all fit (or didn’t fit) into my future plans and goals- digging deeper than just organizing. She helped me develop a plan, giving me very practical tools to learn to organize what I have and really think through what to save and what to get rid of, to not repeat my situation again. I really appreciated, too, how she took the time to email me summaries of our times together, encouragement and lists of things to do on my own in between our times working together. I appreciated, as well, that she belongs to a professional organization and has completed a great deal of training to add expertise to her giftedness! She will be helping me organize my new house, too. I am so grateful I found her and you will be, too!

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