Kerri J. Geary, M.A. Long

Working with Brodi Caldwell of Clear Surroundings felt like a Godsend. After going through my third experience of cancer, Brodi helped me get my life back on track by really listening to understand what I needed help with, gently questioning my long-held assumptions about the best way to stay organized, teaching me new ways to think about not only my ‘stuff’ but my life and my priorities, and getting right into the muck and physically helping me clear objects out of my surroundings.” Before I worked with Brodi, I kept everything in case I needed it later or because I thought I was supposed to or because I just couldn’t bear to part with it. In working with her, I realized that so much of my time was being spent, dealing with my stuff rather than living the life I wanted to live. Brodi has helped me realign the way I ‘do’ life at home so that I actually have time to be in life with my family, friends, and community, creating clear surroundings both inside my being and in my home. I highly recommend Brodi and her services!!! Thank you Brodi!!

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