Joseph H. Full

My wife set up time with Brodi as a gift. I had always blamed my messy desk, the stacks of paper, the cluttered drawers and closets, etc., on a lack of time to “get organized”, so I didn’t really understand what Brodi could do to help. I also didn’t see how someone who didn’t know me could help me with such personal things as bills, letters, work documents, etc. It didn’t take long, however, before I realized that Brodi had not come to my house to “get me organized”, she had come to teach me the skills I needed to get MYSELF organized. Brodi didn’t just rattle off a list of rules – she set up systems that fit my style and needs. My office went from a dysfunctional mess to a useful workspace. Most importantly, Brodi taught me the basic skills to keep it that way!

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