Clear Surroundings has given me, and my son, a new lease on life, and the ability to claim our house once again as our home.

Although it’s an ongoing process, with the added push from Brodi’s energy we are finally approaching the simple, uncluttered lifestyle of my dreams.

I hired Clear Surroundings to help me make some sense of the clutter in my house, mainly in our office and entry/front room. Brodi was awesome, she had great ideas that were so simple and easy to implement.

She knew what needed to be done and how to get it done with compassion and understanding for my struggle. I couldn’t have done it without her and, looking back, wouldn’t want to. My entire house has been transformed and so have I.

Clutter and a ruined filing system made my life unworkable. Brodi’s gentle manner made disposing of unwanted clutter a piece of cake.

Hiring you was the best business investment I have ever made. It is already paying back dividends. I would recommend your services to anyone.

Brodi has helped me realign the way I ‘do’ life at home so that I actually have time to be in life with my family, friends, and community, creating clear surroundings both inside my being and in my home.

My project was a huge 25 year mess and Brodi came alongside me without judging or demeaning me and helped me begin the difficult, emotional process of going through, getting rid of and organizing years of papers and stuff with great compassion, understanding and encouragement.

Brodi Caldwell has a knack for determining what will work for me as an individual. She strikes the right balance of compassion and no-nonsense ‘take an honest look at your situation’ advice.

We all must do a thinning of the crop at some point, or sad to say, we will leave the ones we love with a big burden.