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I first ran across a website for Clear Surroundings during a web search in a time of utter and complete desperation. I was overwhelmed, my house was an organizational disaster, and my 2 year-old son was often pretending to show mommy how to “sweep” or “mop” with his toy cleaning supplies (I think out of […]

Brodi has been a lifesaver. After the third move in 9 years, I finally decided to unpack my previous life. Although it’s an ongoing process, with the added push from Brodi’s energy we are finally approaching the simple, uncluttered lifestyle of my dreams. I hope that all her clients find and enjoy the physical, emotional, […]

I hired Clear Surroundings to help me make some sense of the clutter in my house, mainly in our office and entry/front room. Brodi was awesome, she had great ideas that were so simple and easy to implement. We got stacks of misc. papers sorted, files created, boxes emptied. Several months later my mother-in-law passed away suddenly and […]

I struggled for years after my children finished school and left home with my own transition to a different life. Not able to let go of what was but wanting to move into the future, I was in limbo and surrounded by the clutter of two worlds. Not knowing how to deal with it and […]

Brodi has helped me get back control of my space, my time and my life! Clutter and a ruined filing system made my life unworkable. Brodi’s gentle manner made disposing of unwanted clutter a piece of cake. And she easily found the right places for things I wanted and needed to keep. Now, I have […]

Brodi, thank you so much for the wonderful organizing you did for me in my office. My work environment has been greatly improved, literally night and day. Your suggestions and rearranging has made a huge difference! I now walk into my office focused and ready to be productive. Hiring you was the best business investment […]

Working with Brodi Caldwell of Clear Surroundings felt like a Godsend. After going through my third experience of cancer, Brodi helped me get my life back on track by really listening to understand what I needed help with, gently questioning my long-held assumptions about the best way to stay organized, teaching me new ways to […]

I would highly recommend Brodi for any project- big or small. She is professional, hard-working, very knowledgeable, understanding, compassionate and excellent at what she does- bringing amazing order from chaos in a positive way! My project was a huge 25 year mess and Brodi came alongside me without judging or demeaning me and helped me […]

Brodi Caldwell has a knack for determining what will work for me as an individual. She listens to my concerns, and makes recommendations for organizing problem areas of my house. She strikes the right balance of compassion and no-nonsense ‘take an honest look at your situation’ advice. Brodi strives to understand differing perspectives in a […]

Brodi came to me as a God thing – there is no question. I had tried, tried, tried to get organized. I bought many shelves and a lot of Container Store stuff, and more and more organizing things, and it became more and more clutter. As a mother of adult children, I have lots of […]